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A person is satisfied when his stomach is filled with delicious variety of food, especially vegetarian. Because, when a person eats vegetarian food, it not only satisfies him physically, but mentally also. We, Ambiswami catering services, based in Thrissur and been in this business of catering fine classy vegetarian food since 1960. Started by Mr. Manickan Ambi alias Ambiswami (popularly known all over Kerala and South India) way back in 1960 has earned a reputed name in South India, in general, and Kerala in particular. Now it is managed by second generation of Ambiswami's mantle-holders. We’ve been providing catering services in Kerala for 50 years and creating a full experience for our guests. Our history has allowed us to work with the best vendors and venues to cater and design all types of unique events. We have catered everything from elegant weddings to social functions to elaborate and detailed theme events. With more than 50 years of experience with our customers, we have the knowledge and the dedication to make the catering as the level best. We are proud to say that we have created a strong bond with our clients. Our years of experience and expertise in the field will help you exploit the potentials of the field to receive a maximum benefit from what you have spent. We keep in mind our clients and put in an ethical approach in delivering it with creativity and style. We are the only partner who can understand your needs, as we understand Events better than anyone.

Our specialisation is providing out-door caterings especially pure vegetarian lunch(Sadhya) for marriages. We also cater for parties for various cultural and social functions. If we take a retrospective look at the "Sadhya" of about 30 years back, it was restricted to 4 or 5 dishes(curries), rice, a side chips(varaval), a banana, a pickle, pudding(made of rice and jaggery-sarkara), rassam and butter-milk. But due to continuous personal involvement in cooking and a lot of encouragements from the clients, Ambiswami developed the "Pallada Pradhaman" and added various new dishes which present day "Sadhya" represents. A plaintain leaf full of a dozen tasty dishes, 4 types of chips, 3 types of pickles and minimum two varieties of Payassams apart from rice, sambar, rasam and papadam. However, before his death in 2012, Mr. Ambiswami thoroughly involved and trained up his sons Hari, Anil and Sunil who still carry the mantle of Ambiswami's legacy and the clients time and again vouch that the same taste and satisfaction is guaranteed by Ambiswami's sons. Ambiswami catering services, are specialised in giving the satisfaction of a pure and clean vegetarian Sadhya to millions of vegetarian lovers by providing food for marriages, party functions, school and college youth festivals and special cultural and social events like Onam, Church festivals. As we have over 50 years of catering exprience and stand now at the second generation of Ambiswami's mantle-holders, we guarantee our customers the same taste and satisfaction as had been preserved since past 5 decades. In other words, we greatly value the tradition and strive to cater to the tastes of old, young and new geration alike.

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Hari Ambiswami


Anil Ambiswami

Sunil Ambiswami

Some of our outstanding catering services

  • Undertook feeding over 10,000 people break-fast, lunch and dinner for 6 days for Kerala State Youth Festivals at Kannur,Calicut and Thrissur
  • We served food for about 15000 people for 10 days for the event of Srimath Baghavatha Sathram in 2008 at Thekinkadu Maidhanam(ground), Thrissur.
  • We served food for around 100,000 people for the festival at Ollur Catholic Church many times
  • About 200,000 people tasted our food during the occasion of festival at Pavaratty Catholic Church.
  • During the year 2008,when Mr. Ronald Bonkey preached at Ernakulam, we had the chance to serve food for over 75,000 people for 3 days.
  • We are the main vegetarian caterers for various events at Lulu International Convention Centre, Thrissur since 2006.
  • In Guruvayur, famous Krishna Inn only utilise our vegetarian expertise to satiate the taste of people for marriages since 15 years.
  • We have the fortune to be the main caterers for the 80th Birthday Anniversary of Former Kerala Chief Minister,Late K. Karunakaran and the marriage of daughter of Padma Shri Mr. M.A. Yousuf Ali(EMKE GROUP CHAIRMAN)

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